It takes a special kind of dedication to help a whole community smile, and for Dr. Cathie Hidalgo Seaman, this 30th year of practice is a special milestone.

A Journey of Service

In the 30 years of dental service to the Fredericksburg region, Dr. Seaman and her team have provided tens of thousands of dollars via charity dental care and were voted “Best Dentist” by Fredericksburg Guide Book (2004). Additionally, Dr. Seaman has been awarded the Woman of Distinction Award for Community Service by the Commonwealth Council of Girl Scouts. More than anything, it has been a 30-year investment in the health and vitality of our community.

We’re committed to the value of a smile, and the importance that dental health makes in the overall well-being of our community.

What’s changed in 30 years?

Much has changed in the last 30 years of dentistry, including the office location, which now offers a state-of–the-art dental suite complete with a designer lobby and a soothing environment. Along the way, many other dental offices have abandoned conscious sedation because of the complexity,  but the Smile Center continues to offer this service, which is important, especially for patients who live with a mental illness that makes dental care difficult, who suffer from dental anxiety, or those who simply need to get more than one dental procedure completed in one appointment.

In the early years of the practice, big changes were happening with dental care, which included the use of new tooth-colored restorative materials, as well as improvements and advances in whitening methods. Shortly after, tooth-colored dental implants ushered in a new era of aesthetic dentistry. While staying up to date on the best resources and techniques, the Smile Center has never forgotten its primary mission of empowering the community through innovation, diversity, and superior support.

Much more than great technology.

In 1987, shortly after the practice opened, the first rotary toothbrush was invented. Since then, a vast amount of new dental technology has been developed, but an effective dental practice has to do more than bring the latest technology—it has to provide quality and consistent service that keeps people coming back, while taking care of their dental health. Just having the tools doesn’t make a great dentist; it’s about connecting with people, giving them the right advice, and making them feel at ease about caring for their teeth.

Something you can’t live without.

In 2003, in an annual survey of adults and teens, the toothbrush was voted the number one invention people can’t live without, beating out the computer, cell phone, and automobile.   While the team at the Smile Center encourage effective dental care at home, they know that it’s more than just the toothbrush and floss that keeps teeth healthy—they work as a team with each patient to help them find the right solution for their dental needs.

Therapy dogs make the office feel like home.

Since visiting a dental office is a routine—something that patients need to do at least twice a year—it’s important to make this space as inviting and comfortable as possible. For those who love animals, and for some who just want a little reassurance during their dental care, the staff at the Smile Center introduced Diego and DJ, a pair of trained therapy dogs. Research shows that therapy dogs help bring calm and serenity to health care settings. For those who have enjoyed petting them, or even having them on their lap during a procedure, our team knows that it makes a real difference in the dental experience.

Ready for the next 30 years.

We are not stopping at 30! We will continue to bring the state of the art dentistry and our efforts to continuously improve. The family tradition will also continue, as Dr. Seaman’s son, Joel S. Butterworth, D.D.S. will join the practice in 2016. He is a graduate of the College of Charleston and the Howard University College of Dentistry. Currently, Dr. Butterworth is performing a General Dentistry Trauma Residency at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. He will return to Fredericksburg in June of 2016, to join the exceptional team at the Smile Center.

If you are looking for a new dentist, are new to the area, want to take advantage of conscious sedation, or even the oral surgeon located here, the helpful team at the Smile Center invites the citizens of Fredericksburg region stop by or call to make an appointment. We’re conveniently located right off Plank and I95. If you are a long-standing patient of the office, Dr. Seaman and her staff would like to express their thanks to you for making the last 30 years great ones. The Smile Center is looking forward to many more years of serving our local community.

About the Dentist

Cathie Hidalgo Seaman, Smile Center FounderDr. Cathie Hidalgo Seaman received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Medical College of Virginia. She attended dental hygiene school at Old Dominion University, and has been in private practice in Fredericksburg since 1985. She has extensive training and certification in all procedures of general dentistry. Dr. Hidalgo Seaman has two boys, Joel and Trent. She is committed to serve her community through the annual “Smiles With a Heart” program and various non-profit organizations.





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