A family dentist can provide dental care to your whole family. From kids to adults to senior adults, a family dentist is skilled in dental care for all ages. This can be a great convenience for your family because you can get everyone taken care of in the same place. How do you find the one that’s right for you? Here are 7 steps to finding a good family dentist in your area.

7 Steps to Finding the Right Family Dentist

  1. Make a list of the things you’re looking for in a family dentist. Your list may include things like affordability, the types of insurance accepted, flexible hours, range of treatments and specialties (an on-site oral surgeon is a big plus), handling of emergencies, education and the amount of time you have to wait for appointments. Then, use your list as a guide for assessing potential dentists.
  2. Call your dental insurance carrier and ask for a list of providers. Dental care will be cheaper if you choose one of their in-network providers since most insurance companies require a deductible and a co-payment for out-of-network providers.
  3. Look for a dentist that is near either your home or work place, or along a route you frequently travel, so that it’s convenient to get to.
  4. Ask your friends, neighbors and coworkers if they use a family dentist that they would recommend. You can also ask your primary care physician, who might know a good family dentist in the area.
  5. Take your list of referrals and eliminate any that are too far out-of-the-way, don’t accept your dental insurance, or are otherwise not a good match for your original wish list.
  6. Contact the dentists remaining on your list of referrals to see if they are a good match. Ask questions about everything on your list.
  7. Visit the dentist(s) you are considering to see how their office interacts with you and your family.


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