Planning your wedding is a whirlwind of decisions, last minute preparations and agonizing over little details. You want your big day to be perfect. In all your planning and dreaming and scouring of Pinterest, you’ve probably come across some tips for getting the perfect smile for your wedding day.

To cultivate a perfect smile for your wedding day, you’re mostly looking for short-term solutions to enhance your smile. After all, you probably don’t have years to plan your wedding. Here are some things you can do to make sure you have the perfect smile on your wedding day.

For a Perfect Smile, Protect Those Lips!

You definitely don’t want chapped lips on your wedding day. In the weeks leading up to your big day, make sure you protect your lips:

  • Use a lip balm with a high sun protection factor (SPF)—Nothing is worse than sunburned lips
  • Stay hydrated—When your whole body is hydrated, your lips will have a much easier time staying moist
  • Avoid licking your lips—When your lips start to feel dry, apply lip balm

The folks over at The Knot also recommend exfoliating your lips after you get out of the shower and applying a moisturizer before bed time.

Teeth Whitening

Meet with your dentist to go over teeth whitening methods that will give you a brighter smile for your wedding day. Many methods are available, especially if you look into your options six months or more in advance. Your dentist will help identify the best method for your mouth and will also make sure you have no underlying problems with your teeth. Some of these whitening options include:

  • Whitening strips
  • Whitening trays
  • Paint-on teeth whitening

Take Care of Your Skin

A healthy complexion is a big part of a perfect smile, but healthy, clean skin doesn’t happen overnight. Get into a good skin-care regimen long before your wedding day. Starting early also gives you ample time to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to any new products. Don’t try something new a week before your wedding day; you could have an unexpected allergic reaction.

If you start now, you’re sure to have a perfect smile ready for your big day. Get started by meeting with your dentist to go over your options for teeth-whitening and get started right away!


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