Water Flossing vs. Traditional Flossing

Benefits of Water Flossing

Studies show that water flossing does remove almost all, 99%, of plaque from the surface of teeth with a three-second application from a classic jet tip. Three other major benefits discovered about water flossing over regular string flossing are: reduction of bleeding of the gums, reduction of gingivitis, and deeper penetration of the gum pockets by the water flossers.

The Root of the Problem

Americans don’t floss enough. The ADA reports that only four in ten Americans floss daily, while twenty percent of Americans never floss at all. Water flossing has several advantages, but developing the habit of flossing is the most important improvement you can make to your dental health.

When Water Flossing is Best

Water flossing can be especially beneficial in these scenarios:

  • You are maintaining dental work or orthodontia.
  • If you have gum disease or other diseases making you prone to bleeding.
  • If you dislike flossing due to pain, difficulty, or discomfort.
  • For children who resist flossing.

Dental professionals would agree that it is important in all of these situations to do what it takes to provide your teeth and gums the best regular care. If flossing is difficult due to expensive bridges, crowns, or braces, protecting these important investments is a good reason to water floss. Because of the proven reduction in bleeding of the gums when using a Waterpik, medical conditions of the gums or any medications or medical conditions that present a risk of bleeding are a good reason to try water flossing. For children, you may entice them into better habits with a Waterpik especially designed for use by children.

Which Floss/Flosser is Best for Me?

Consult your dentist if you have questions about flossing. You may also consult the ADA’s list of recommended water flossing devices. There are many choices of models and price ranges with reviews and recommendations widely available today. If you are not ready to invest in a water flosser, remember how important flossing is to your oral health. The ADA’s recommendation is flossing once per day. For a minimal investment in a container of string floss, you will help protect your future smile.


Whether you choose to use a water flosser or the traditional string floss method, you are positively contributing to your overall health. Healthy gums and teeth lead to a healthy heart and life!