Our goal is to give you a smile you love.

We know that a bright, white smile can make all the difference. Our services are tailored to work with your needs and your budget. From teeth whitening to fillings to dental implants, we’re here to give you a smile you can love!


Whitening your way.

  • In-office whitening for immediate results
  • Teeth whitening trays
  • Teeth whitening strips
  • Paint-on teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple process in which hydrogen and carbamide peroxides are used to break down the stains on your teeth, leaving you with a brighter smile.

Sometimes teeth are discolored because of an underlying issue, which means they will not respond to teeth whitening methods. Discoloration caused by injuries or medication will not respond to bleaching; unnatural teeth such as crowns, caps, fillings and veneers will not be improved by bleach. That’s why meeting with your dentist before starting a whitening regimen is important. Your dentist will perform an examination and can help you determine the best method for whitening your teeth.

Tailored for you.

We also offer same-day crowns (because we know your time is precious), dental implants for your missing or damaged teeth, and orthodontics (like Invisalign and 6 month smile) to help straighten your teeth. Whatever you need, we’re here.

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You can purchase peroxide-based home whitening products that bleach tooth enamel. Two typical, at-home options are strips that adhere to the teeth while the bleach absorbs, or gel placed in a tray you hold in your mouth for a given time. Both work only on teeth from the first bicuspid forward.
One of the simplest options is a whitening toothpaste. These toothpastes use mild abrasives to break down and remove surface stains from tooth enamel. This type of whitening does not alter the color of the teeth, but simply helps to loosen and remove the stains on the surface of the enamel. This method reaches all the teeth. Be sure to check for the ADA seal to find the most effective, safest whitening toothpaste.
This method typically requires only one office visit and usually provides the most dramatic results. Your dentist can help you get whitening trays that are custom-fit for your teeth. This ensures you get even, complete coverage over the surface of all your teeth. Often, a dentist can use an ultraviolet (UV) light to speed the process. UV light provides immediate results. In just two hours, you can leave the office  with teeth up to 2 shades lighter! Impressions are taken at this appointment for bleaching trays, which is included in the cost. These trays allow you to do touch up whitening at home, and you receive two complimentary tubes of Lumibrite whitening for the trays!