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Crooked Teeth: Causes and Treatments

Why do some people end up with a mouth full of straight, even teeth, and some end up with crooked teeth or teeth that protrude and cross over each other? Does it have to do with genetics? Childhood nutrition?

The truth is, there are several reasons that some people end up with teeth that are crooked, overlapping or protruding (overbites/underbites). Sometimes, genetics are to blame, but there are many other causes as well.

How to Prevent Yellow Teeth

Wondering how to prevent yellow teeth? Teeth can turn yellow for a variety of reasons but luckily, there are several ways to maintain that sparkling white smile. Here are some tips on how to prevent yellow teeth.

Waterflossing vs. Traditional Flossing: What’s the Difference?

Water Flossing vs. Traditional Flossing

Benefits of Water Flossing

Studies show that water flossing does remove almost all, 99%, of plaque from the surface of teeth with a three-second application from a classic jet tip. Three other major benefits discovered about water flossing over regular string flossing are: reduction of bleeding of the gums, reduction of gingivitis, and deeper penetration of the gum pockets by the water flossers.

What is Deep Teeth Cleaning?

What is the difference between deep teeth cleaning and a regular cleaning? A typical dental cleaning usually includes: scaling teeth surfaces followed by a thorough polishing. Here is an overview of deep teeth cleaning is and the benefits of this process.

How to help your kids love to brush their teeth: 6 great tips!

“Time to brush your teeth”. Does this phrase instill dread in your children? Turn it into a fun activity and help your kids love to brush! Proper brushing can set your children up for a lifetime of good dental health, and forming good habits in childhood is essential. You can help your kids love to brush their teeth with these easy tips and suggestions.

Buy a fun toothbrush

Get your kids excited about brushing with a toothbrush featuring their favorite characters or colors. Letting your child pick out their own toothbrush can get them excited about brushing. Make sure you choose an appropriate size for your child’s mouth and one with soft bristles.

Use a different toothpaste

It may be that your child doesn’t love brushing because of the flavor of their toothpaste. There are so many options today, from mint to strawberry, that you are sure to find one that your child will love.

Turn on some music

Music makes everything more fun, including brushing your teeth! Playing music can not only make brushing playful, you can use the song length to encourage your child to brush longer. Making sure they are brushing for a proper length of time (2 minutes) ensures they are getting their teeth clean.

Use games and stories

Make the toothbrush a superhero rescuing the teeth from evil plaque! Pretend the teeth are pots and pans you are scrubbing clean! Getting creative can make brushing more fun; ask your child to come up with their own epic tooth story!

Give rewards

Maybe brushing well will result in extra reading time, or another special treat. Reward your child for a job well done, and they will be encouraged to continue to brush.

Set a Good Example

Your child will not be motivated to brush if they never see you do it! Be a good example of oral health and hygiene to your child.

Even if your child is resistant, using the above suggestions will help them get excited about brushing! Stay positive, give them encouragement, and know that you are helping them develop good tooth brushing behavior that will follow them into adulthood.

3D Dental X-ray and New Technology is Changing the Game

Technological gadgets and apps have changed the way we live, and they have certainly changed the ways we monitor our health. From recording our daily calorie intake and our step count, to new high-tech scans and sensors for diagnosis, there is more information available than ever to inform health care. Dentistry is no exception. New 3D dental x-ray and technology are changing the way dental professionals diagnose and treat dental problems.

Why Do I Have Aching Teeth?

Have you ever distracted yourself from thinking about aching muscles after a good workout or other uncomfortable physical sensations? If so, you know aching teeth rarely fall into that category. No matter how hard you try to distract yourself, it feels impossible to think about anything else! What often makes them even worse, are the thoughts you have about going to the dentist. Will you need drilling, a new filling, or even a root canal?

4 Tips to Help Your Teen Recover Quickly After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Taking care of your teen post wisdom teeth removal isn’t always easy. Although the procedure is common, we all react differently to the experience. Oftentimes, it is painful, and they do not know how to respond due to the impacts of stress. Emotions impact our ability to think clearly during situations that cause stress, such as pain. In other words, teens may need help with emotional regulation.

Smiles With A Heart – Free Dental Care

Each year Fredericksburg Smile Center holds their SMILES WITH A HEART benefit. This year the benefit will take place on April 28, 2017 at 2330 Plank Road – Gateway Village – in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This benefit will provide free dental care for underprivileged patients in our community. The benefit has averaged over $75,000/year in free care in one day, producing over a half million dollars in free care back to the community.

Scared of the Dentist? A Therapy Dog Can Help

Are you scared of the dentist? You’re definitely not alone. Millions of Americans avoid getting preventive dental care because of severe dental anxiety.

Dentophobia is a problem in need of a solution, and dental therapy dogs might just be able to provide one. Therapy dogs are well-trained, well mannered, and are able to provide comfort in a situation where someone is anxious, scared or depressed.