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All You Need to Know about Invisalign Attachments

All You Need to Know About Invisalign Attachments

Invisalign is a great option for teenagers, young adults, and older adults who want straighter teeth but want to get them in a discrete way. Many people who are beginning to research Invisalign have the impression that Invisalign consists of simple trays that you slip in and out of your mouth. While this is true, there is also a lesser-known aspect of Invisalign that people should keep in mind. This is the Invisalign attachment, which are small buttons placed on oddly shaped, angled, or sized teeth to help with alignment correction.

Invisalign Attachment Types

There are a number of Invisalign attachment types. Attachments generally come as a triangular, square, or circular shape depending on the type and purpose of the attachment. These attachments are usually placed on the middle of the tooth and are tooth-colored to help keep them as invisible as possible. The type of attachment you receive will depend on if your goal is fixing a tooth extrusion, intrusion, or rotation.

What do Invisalign Attachments do?

Attachments are used as anchors for the Invisalign aligners so that your Invisalign fits better and works more effectively as you wear them. This will result in straighter teeth with a faster, smoother process.

Not every person will require attachments, as it varies per person and per plan, but attachments do allow more people access to Invisalign. This is because attachments allow more tooth movements that would be impossible without them.

Invisalign Attachment Tips

As attachments are a lesser-known aspect of the Invisalign process, so to help you learn more about attachments below are a few tips to keep in mind about these attachments.

  • The attachments are usually tiny.
  • Not every tooth requires an attachment.
  • Depending on the location of the attachment, they can be more or less visible to others.
  • It is easy to add and remove attachments.
  • Oral cleanliness will be even more important when you have attachments.

Invisalign Attachments Staining

If patients adhere to the rules surrounding Invisalign, they should not worry about attachment staining. However, those who continue to drink darker beverages, such as dark sodas, red wine, black teas, and coffee, may experience some staining. But not to worry, this staining can be removed by your hygienist at your routine cleaning appointments.

To help prevent stains, anytime that one chooses to drink a darker beverage, using a straw should help prevent any stain. If the attachments become visibly stained, it is recommended to discuss this with your dentist to see if they have any solution to help whiten the stain. They are able to assist with this whitening.

Want to Learn More?

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Published: January 15, 2020