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Oral Health and Heart Disease

Oral Health and Heart Disease

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), periodontal disease has been associated with a number of health conditions including heart disease. Periodontal disease is the result of bacteria in the mouth infecting the tissues around the teeth and gums. This can cause inflammation around the tooth and lead to tartar buildup. Ultimately, this can lead to bone loss. Once this tartar build up occurs, only a dental professional can remove the tartar to start treating periodontal disease.

How is this related to my heart health?

Your oral health is an integral part of your overall health. An excess of oral bacteria that is not properly addressed can lead to chronic inflammation in the body and the bacteria can enter the bloodstream. Studies have shown that this can lead to heart disease as well as other systemic diseases such as diabetes.

How to decrease your risk

Periodontal disease and other conditions such as heart disease share common risk factors. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise, eating a healthy diet, not smoking, and practicing good oral hygiene habits you can decrease your risk of periodontal disease and heart disease.

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Published: February 28, 2023


Author: Dr. Joel Butterworth

Joel S. Butterworth, DDS is the dentist and owner of Fredericksburg Smile Center and Ashland Smile Center. Dr. Butterworth has specialized training and clinical experience in all fields of general dentistry as well as advanced training in anesthesia and pain control, TMJ disorders, dental oncology, and emergency medicine.