Our goal is to preserve natural teeth.

Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Restorative dentistry can replace or repair your teeth to create a beautiful smile and help maintain your dental health.

Dental Restoration Benefits

Restorative dentistry is not just about improving the look of your teeth. Replacing or repairing teeth is vital for your dental health and for preserving your other teeth. When you have empty spaces in your mouth, you can put stress on your natural teeth because there is not as much surface area for chewing. Missing teeth can also cause your other teeth to shift and prevent you from chewing as well. Moreover, odd-shaped gaps caused by missing teeth can create vulnerable places where plaque-causing bacteria can build up. Our restorative dentists fill in the empty spaces with implants, bridges, dentures or crowns, allowing you to protect your natural teeth and prevent cavities.

Our Basic Restorative Dental Services

Before treatment, we will discuss all your concerns and make sure you understand all your options. We know you’re busy, and we know getting all your dental care in one place is easy, which is why we offer oral surgery on site. To save you time, we offer same-day crowns so you can have your tooth completely restored in one appointment. Learn more about restorative dentistry and ask us about your options at the Smile Center today!

Full Dentures

Whether from tooth decay, gum disease, or facial injuries, losing your natural teeth can cause a lot of inconvenience for you in your daily life. Dentures are appliances that can help restore your smile and make daily activities and functions considerably easier. We often take for granted our ability to speak and enunciate properly, chew, and smile. All these activities can be affected by full or partial loss of your natural teeth. Without your teeth, the unsupported facial muscles around your mouth may begin to sag. This can cause facial wrinkles to form early and significantly age your face. Full mouth dentures will help to fill out your face, maintaining your facial muscles, and improve not only your overall smile, but your facial profile as well. Since dentures are now made to closely replicate your natural teeth, you can replace your teeth with almost no change to your original appearance. If you were not happy with your previous smile, dentures can actually improve the look of your natural teeth by correcting brightness or crooked teeth.

How Do Partial Dentures Work?

If you have most of your natural teeth and have just lost a few in one section, a removable partial denture will likely be your best option. Removable partial dentures may include the section of teeth you are missing affixed to a plastic piece to match your gum line. This type of partial can be inserted and removed as needed and will be designed to fit the area where your natural teeth have been lost. Partials are also available that include the new teeth attached to a metal framework, which is then affixed, or clasped, to your other natural teeth. If you are looking for a more natural or aesthetically pleasing look, other partial connectors, called precision attachments, are available. These will typically look more realistic than the clasps.

Whether you have lost all of your natural teeth or only a section, you don’t have to spend your days hiding your smile. A full or partial set of dentures can help restore your natural look while aiding in your everyday activities. Restorative dentistry includes services that restore the function of the teeth and mouth. Dental implants, bridges, full and partial dentures, fillings, and crowns are all methods of restorative dentistry. Having a beautiful smile is not just vanity. Bright and beautiful teeth can give you confidence. With restorative dentistry, you can regain the freedom to smile broadly and laugh out loud.

Full Dental Implant Services

Implant dentistry is an alternative to dentures. They are the closest replacement you can get for a natural tooth and are often used when you lose a tooth from infection or from it being knocked out. You don’t want to leave that space open in your mouth because it invites infection and will cause you trouble when speaking or eating. Dental implants are a long-term solution for missing teeth.

An implant is literally implanted in your jawbone, where it naturally fuses with the bone. You get a tooth with a solid foundation that feels totally natural. Plus, with proper care, implants can last a lifetime. Ask us about your dental implant options. Want to learn more? See our articles on dental implants.

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We work hard to keep your dental care affordable.

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