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Taking Care of Your Clear Aligners

Taking Care of Your Clear Aligners

Taking care of your clear aligners is simple. Easy maintenance is actually one of the greatest benefits of using aligners for orthodontic treatment. Maintaining your oral health and cleaning your clear aligners is a very important part of the treatment process.

How to Clean Invisalign or Vivera Retainers

The best way to clean your Invisalign aligners is to use the Invisalign Cleaning System developed by Invisalign specifically for this purpose. It is available online or right in our office. The aligners can also be brushed with a toothbrush and toothpaste and then rinsed in lukewarm water. The most important thing to remember when cleaning your aligners is never to use hot water as it could permanently warp the plastic.

We like to encourage our patients to floss and brush after each meal or snack, before putting their aligners back into place. One of the reasons for this is to avoid staining the aligners with food residue (like berries or sauce).

How to Clean Stained Invisalign

If your Invisalign or Vivera retainers become stained, bring them into the office during your next scheduled appointment and we will deep clean them for you. While this won’t completely remove the staining, we can make sure they are cleaned thoroughly.

How to Disinfect Invisalign

Our patients are also strongly encouraged to avoid harboring bacteria by keeping their aligners clean at all times. If you drop your aligners in an unsanitary place, it’s extremely important to ensure that they are hygienic before putting them back into your mouth. Invisalign Cleaning Crystals help keep your aligners clean and hygienic. In as little as 15 minutes, this cleaning system can remove plaque and keep your aligners clear.

Broken or Lost Invisalign or Vivera Retainers

If your clear aligner breaks or cracks or if you lose it, it’s important to call the office right away. Since aligners and retainers are considered prescription items, patients cannot order replacements directly. We will work with you to keep you on track with your treatment. For some patients, this could mean wearing a previous set of aligners until replacement aligners are ordered and delivered.

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Published: October 5, 2018