We want to give you a long term solution.

For a long time, people thought the only thing that could replace teeth were big, bulky dentures. Today, we have dental implants to give you a comfortable, long-lasting, beautiful smile that you don’t have to take out before bed!


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are durable replacements for lost teeth. They fit and function like teeth, blending right in with your natural smile. These implants can last a lifetime when placed by an expert and cared for properly. Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants don’t need to be replaced every few years.

How are the implants placed?

First, the root implant is placed where the missing tooth was. Then, the implant naturally fuses with the jawbone, allowing the implant to secure its place in the jaw. Once the jaw heals, a small connector is set to hold the new tooth. Finally, your dentist creates a new tooth for you based on a model of your bite, and the replacement tooth is attached.

Dental Implants are natural-looking and permanent. You don’t have to take them out when you go to sleep, or worry about sore gums. Implants are also made to match your normal teeth in size and color, so there is no questioning whether or not they look natural. They’re comfortable, durable, and easy to access between teeth, giving you a better chance for improved oral health in the long-run.

There is not any special care for dental implants like there is for alternative teeth replacements. Implants are just like your natural teeth! Brushing, flossing, rinsing with mouthwash and regular dental check-ups will give you a long-lasting, beautiful smile. Ask us about your dental implant options.